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“I am delighted to see that iNetwork is “adding up” for its members and is growing with increasing council, police, fire & rescue and NHS engagement across several regions. The space that the partnership creates for innovation is crucial for us”.
Steven Pleasant, Chief Executive of Tameside Council and Chair of iNetwork

10 Ways iNetwork benefits your organisation

1. Access to 170 expert speakers each year on a wide range of service reform topics
2. Help and support on information security compliance such as the PSN
3. Information sharing and security guidance, training and coaching for SIROs, Information Asset Owners and officers to help avoid Data Protection Breaches
4. Staff up-skilling on lean tools and techniques and systems thinking, on site with free materials developed within the sector
5. Space for thought leaders to consider the future of local public services with experts
6. The chance for colleagues to be recognised by their peers for delivering exceptional projects
7. New skills and support from coaching and training by The Design Council
8. Deep dive roundtables to explore ideas and best practice honestly and in depth
9. Guidance on procurement best practice
10. Direct access to key Government programme leaders in areas like welfare reform and health & social care integration.


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If your organisation isn’t a member of iNetwork but you think it might benefit please get in touch for a chat. Membership fees are paid annually and enable anyone from a member organisation to attend all our activities without additional costs. In the first instance please contact Jill via

Feedback on iNetwork

Colleague from Lancashire County Council:

Useful information sharing through the events prompted us to review our data gathering and performance monitoring arrangements – we made use of Manchester’s work on this.

Colleague from Trafford Council:

The [Welfare Reform] session gave vital information on how local authorities can react and plan corresponding activities relating to data sharing and best practice, it also helped to signpost delegates towards the residents that would potentially be at most risk.

Colleague from the Information Commissioners Office:

The unusually low number of penalties and undertakings given to North West councils is because of the support that is provided by iNetwork.

Colleague from Cheshire Fire & Rescue

I have found the [Procurement Hub] meetings to be informative and an excellent network for sharing ideas and best practise. Examples of this are the Contract Management Principles Model that was produced as a result of a piece of worked commissioned by Manchester City Council and now shared with the wider group. Also, it is useful to understand new frameworks as they become available and how to access them, these are really useful tools for Procurement Managers.