Corporate Members

iNetwork works with NDL to help its member benefit from NDL’s industry experience and solutions in order to deliver more innovative and cost-effective services to their users and communities.

Many iNetwork members are already successfully using NDL’s integration and mobile working products. Therefore iNetwork believes the collaboration will provide an invaluable open forum for discussing how users’ experiences can help others adopt or extend their use of NDL’s technology.

NDL provides real-time, bi-directional integration to the vast majority of back-office applications, enhancing the service delivered as well as reducing costs. This success has also been extended to mobile platforms. NDL also supports many healthcare providers and is helping the NHS achieve real benefits by supporting its “connect all” philosophy.

NDL produces a series of in-depth reports into integration and mobile working in the public sector that can be accessed via The annual Integration and Efficiency report is, in our view, particularly insightful.


NDL has been a corporate partner with iNetwork for the last two years and I have no doubt that this relationship will continue into 2014. The reason this partnership works so well is that iNetwork aims to “promote improvement and efficiency by influencing, inspiring, innovating, involving, implementing ideas, investing and, most importantly, networking”; this very much supports and indeed echoes the way NDL works, though our education programme, workshops and seminars we actively promote the opportunity for networking. Our User Group meets twice a year to promote best practice in the use of our products and the User Group forum encourages sharing of ideas, code, mobile application templates and more.
Being involved with iNetwork at their events, both as speakers and sponsors, has given NDL a great opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges that are currently being faced by the Public Sector. It has helped us as an organisation ensure we are working closely with our customers to deliver the tools they need.
We know that we are working with a dynamic group of individuals with a vast knowledge of Local Government and the challenges it is facing. This mutually beneficial partnership strives to help Local Authorities innovate and improve collectively. I look forward to working with the iNetwork team in the future.


Helen Mountford

Marketing Manager, NDL


IEG4 newIEG4
IEG4 provides cutting edge applications that ensure citizens can best engage the services that government provide on any device; all powered by the cloud. By enhancing upon the best Microsoft technologies, they facilitate streamlined government processes, cost savings and above all shifting citizens to the digital channel. User experience and customer service is key to engaging citizens and increasing uptake, which is why thier products are painstakingly designed for optimal user experience and maximum automation.

Their are designed to be hosted in Microsoft Azure and can facilitate online services for any public sector organisation; but have a particular focus on Revenues, Benefits, Welfare, Health and Social Care where legislative compliance is key and administration can be highly complex and costly.

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