Connected Procurement

The full iNetwork programme for 2015-16 is available here

The Connected Procurement Programme helps colleagues across iNetwork to collaborate more effectively, appreciate tools such as SpendPro and the support capabilities of YPO, interpret new legislation and engage with Government.

Connected Procurement Chair Introduction 
The onus is on local public services organisations to procure effectively but also do so in the context of new EU and national regulations.
However with more services being externalised and commissioned, procurement not only needs to support the generation of savings but enable innovation and flexibility whilst using the sector’s spending power to stimulate local economies.
In this context, procurement is increasingly a strategic front office function with a key role in place shaping and this year’s programme reflects this.

 Ian brown

Ian brown

Head of Corporate Procurement Manchester City Council

 Sharon Robson

Sharon Robson

STaR Programme Connected Procurement in 2015-16

Theme 1:

Leadership and Modernisation

Improving understanding of new EU Regulations and how they can be used.
Ensuring colleagues understanding statutory transparency requirements and how best to meet them.
Sharing forward procurement plans.
Improving understanding of effective models of health and social care co-commissioning.

Theme 2:

Supporting Local Economies

Sharing best practice to enable more effective realisation of social value in procurement alighted with statutory obligations and local economic priorities.

Delivery Partners and Stakeholders

YPO, Crown Commercial Service, the AGMA Procurement Hub, local experts, industry experts

“Good to network and learn from colleagues in a different sector.”

Colleague, NHS North West.

“Particularly interested in sharing forward procurement plans and achieving social value.”

Colleague, Halton Borough Council.

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Phil Swan, iNetwork's Director

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