Effective Information & Security

The full iNetwork programme for 2015-16 is available here
EISS supports public sector and not-for-profit organisations to share information with each other and their partners in a safe, secure manner to enable better and more cost-effective service delivery for citizens and communities.
The EISS programme supports a wide range of information governance, sharing, security and compliance professionals and includes the Warning Advice & Reporting Point service. Many iNetwork member organisations depend on the advice and guidance they receive through EISS to address challenges such as PSN compliance, public health transition, effective information governance and cross agency information sharing.

EISS Chair Introduction

Good information sharing, governance and security are centre stage in public service reform as awareness of the statutory nature of organisations obligations and data subject rights matures.
Incidents such as the Snowdon disclosures, Sony’s highly profile hack, and increasing fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office only service to increase the importance of a squeaky clean reputation at a time when local public services seek to gain the public’s trust in new partnering arrangements. This subject has never been more important to local public services

John Curtis

John Curtis

Head of Information and Knowledge Management Sheffield City Council

Theme 1:

Information leadership

Improving information security by providing support to Senior Information Risk Owners, Information Asset Owners and Information Asset Administrators which will help them to take necessary steps to better protect their organisations information assets and reduce the risk of information breaches.

Theme 2:

Health and social care information sharing

Improving information sharing between health and social care in the context of reform, including the Care Act, Health and Social Care Integration and, devolution of health and social care funding

Theme 3:

Joining up information around individuals

Improving information sharing between different agencies to support the delivery of the Troubled Families Programme and other government initiatives that require place-based and multi-agency/partnership working

Theme 4:

Avoiding breaches

Improving organisational resilience through effective information management through the information lifecycle from creation to destruction.

Theme 5:

Commissioning and information

Improving procurement and commissioning processes by building Data Protection and other information governance requirements into the procurement/ commissioning processes to reduce risk

Delivery Partners and Engaged Stakeholders

NHS AQuA, Dept of Work and Pensions, Dept of Communities and Local Government, Cabinet Office, Digital Service and PSN, Dept of Business Innovation and Skills, the Health & Social Care Information Centre, the Information Commissioner’s Office, Ordinance Survey, The Local eGovernment Standards Body, Local Government Association, The National Archives, the national WARP programme, GCHQ / CESG, Caldicott Guardians and local experts.

“Excellent opportunity to learn what new threats and data compromisation issues. Very good event for networking.”

Colleague, Liverpool City Council

“iNetwork is a great for networking and sharing good practice with relevant up to date topics.”

Colleague, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Ajike Alli-Ameh, Effective Information Sharing & Security Lead