Effective Service Redesign & Reform

The full iNetwork programme for 2015-16 is available here

A facilitative network which aims to support local public service organisations to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers, patients and communities, in the context of the reform of public services and the pressure on resources

The ESR2 programme supports service transformation, policy, OD, QIPP, programme office and change managers to progress service reform in priority areas. We offer access to free, practical and appropriate advice and support from peers, Government programme and policy leads and subject matter experts, plus opportunities to see new methods and technologies that support service redesign and review them alongside peers.

Chair’s Introduction

We are moving into unchartered territory – working together across sectors will not only be fundamental to our future services, it will also increase our impact and ambition.

The key question of how we engage with communities to not only shape demand but align different services around needs – for example keeping people healthy, happy and at home – is at the centre of a public sector which is being rapidly redefined.

Now is the time to be looking outward and through iNetwork we have an excellent, local opportunity to do so.

John Morrissy

John Morrissy

Head of Policy, Performance and Communications Bolton MBC

Jodi Duffield

Jodi Duffield

Cheshire Shared Services

Theme 1:

Integrated delivery

Improving the knowledge, understanding and effective delivery of support to those families most at risk of poor outcomes.
Strengthening the focus on building resilience and progression in support planning using the Troubled Families programme as a demonstration model (initially focusing on the DWP business model : aligning activity and  promoting  peer learning).

Theme 2:

Shaping Demand and Engaging Community Assets

Working with industry experts and leading member organisations to provide training and peer support on effective shaping demand.
Supporting the iNetwork Community Asset Group to share good practice and expertise on community and voluntary sector engagement in whole systems support.

Theme 3:

Future Local Public Services

Local reThink sessions which inform policy and strategy decisions on future local public services.

Key Delivery Partners & Stakeholders

NHS AQuA, DWP, DCLG, LGA, Merseyside Transformation Managers, Merseyside Troubled Families Programme Leads, AGMA Public Service Reform programme, iNetwork Community Asset Group, the Design Council, Public Service Transformation Network, industry experts

“Connections made particularly at the round table event will be invaluable. I am confident that we will be able to deliver a particular piece of work much more quickly that we would otherwise have done”.

Colleague, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

“It was good to see what issues other authorities are facing and how they are approaching these challenges, and to see approaches that perhaps we hadn’t considered.”

Colleague, Lancaster City Council

For advice, guidance and support in this area, please contact Catherine O'Neill, Effective Service Redesign & Reform Lead