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The public’s demand for ever better public services continues with no easing of the pressure on the bottom line. At the same time those services need to change, becoming less centralised and moving online. Senior decision makers are keen to reimagine the way they work. This might mean zero-based budgeting, or it might mean starting with a blank sheet of paper and thinking about how services could be different.
KPMG advises senior decision makers on designing and implementing services focused on people and outcomes, while helping make sure those services remain accountable and become more efficient. We continue to provide local authorities with advisory, tax and assurance services. But have also developed new solutions using our hands-on experience of UK and international best practice. Here are six areas where we can help: 1.Devolution; 2.Economic growth, 3. Integration, Care system redesign, 4. Financial resilience , 5. Place based transformation, 6. Managing future demand


IEG4 has developed a suite of modular software solutions designed to promote self-help and reduce demands on public services. QoLCircles enable citizens to assess their quality of life against twelve different dimensions, which include social, financial and health indicators. Scores can be stored in OneVault to provide snapshots over time. IEG4’s service finder identifies relevant services from community events and third sector providers to reduce demand for statutory services. If escalation is required, Local Authorities can use IEG4’s pathway management solution, Semitae, to conduct detailed assessments and create cases which may require the collaboration of different service providers to deliver effective outcomes. IEG4’s configurable software solutions are built on significant experience of providing end-to-end systems which promote citizen access and channel shift to its 100 Local Authority clients. IEG4 was the Microsoft Public Sector Partner of the Year 2012, and a finalist for the same award in 2013 and 2014

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In their move towards digital delivery, councils are often wasting extensive amounts of time and money through manual re-keying of data, despite cost-effective methods available to stop this. They are determined to overcome pressures on budgets through transformation and in particular through channel shift but these attempts are being undermined by duplication of processes. Talk to NDL to find out more about how their integration and mobile working toolkits can eliminate the re-keying of data, automate business processes and mobilise field based teams to support the bid for digital delivery.

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IQ Public Sector has been working with organisations across local & central government, education and the NHS for more than 15 years now. With the pace of technological change accelerating and the public sector under increasing pressure to reduce costs, organisations across the sector are investing in their digital capabilities, creating leaner operating models, underpinned by agile business processes, connected platforms and analytics that exploit the massive potential of the digital opportunity. Through our robust network of technical and non-technical specialist associates, IQ Public Sector is able to provide organisations with almost immediate access to the business-critical project resources that enable digital change initiatives.